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Update 28th May 2020

5th June 2020

Evening all, IMPORTANT update :- WARNING LONG POST !

So some of you will have seen on the news that dentists are being “told” to open on June 8th . This is great news and my team and I have been getting ready for re-opening since we closed on March 19th . and had already announced today we were near the end of our preparations under the ” current ( changing every 5 minutes guidelines ) and we’re hoping to reopen for EMERGENCIES ONLY by the end of next week , more likely June 8th .

This was before the news today …….

Up until the BBC daily update ( yes the BBC , thats how they chose to inform the entire dental profession ) announced this , a huge percentage of NHS dental practices were being told that they were expecting to hear that they were to re-open by July 15th and be only doing more routine care from October onwards as had been the guidelines released by Wales and Scotland approx 2 weeks ago … but once again rather than consult our profession , a bombshell was dropped by the media rather than a proper consultation as to who may be ready , and who may not be and what support individual practices may need .

I feel that many practices may not be ready…….

( sourcing PPE etc is a nightmare, and utter confusion reins as to what protocols to get ” ready” for at the moment )

and my fear is that this will leave many patients feeling angry that “their” dentist is not open, having a longer ” holiday” — if this is you or a friend with a different dentist , please understand that your dentist has been royally dropped in it by the powers that be and its not their fault , and bear with them … theyll get there as soon as they can !!

We are pretty sure we ARE ready, but I DO NOT expect , as I told those that came for ice cream with us today . that we will be in a position to be doing ROUTINE CARE until at least JULY / AUGUST , that is our aim under the current and only Legally acceptable Standard Operating Procedures ( which are NHS derived ) .

This however is subject to POSSIBLE ( hopefully ) change early next week , DEPENDING on the arrival of yet another, new evidence based protocol that will make the actual running of the practice offering routine care , financially viable again AND I hope it allows, viably, the offering of hygienist services again asap !!!!

This is ONLY if the protocol is legally accepted by the powers that be such as the Office of the Chief Dental Officer , Public Health England , Health and Safety Executive and then my Dento-Legal indemnifiers agreeing to indemnify me operating to the above protocols ! …… so please watch this space .. confused .. you will be !!

Until then , nothings changed at the moment , my own number is on the answerphone , so please feel free to ring me with any queries problems etc and I will be adding you to our priority list for June 8th onwards and I will be in touch to sort an appointment for you ASAP !!!!!!

Most of all , i hope youre all ok , sorry for the long explanatory post but I had to explain it to you all in the best way I could, in this ever rapidly changing environment.

As always the safety of my team and you all is my ABSOLUTE priority and if i cant open safely for all of us , I wont open .. but thats what all the hours and hours of work in recent weeks and £1000’s of pounds ive spent in the last few weeks at the practice has been about …. to get us all back on track asap.!

Look forward to seeing you all soon !

Team Cygnet !!! xx




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