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Dental Chair Weight Policy

Cygnet House Dental Studio Ltd Dental Chair Weight Policy

At Cygnet House Dental Studio the safety and well-being of our patients are of utmost importance. To ensure the safety and functionality of our dental chairs, we have established a maximum weight capacity policy to prevent any potential harm to patients and staff or damage to our equipment.

Cygnet House Dental Studio has three Adec Cascade 1040 chairs and this policy covers information relating to the usage of these chairs, including maximum patient weight limits. Further information can be found in the user manuals for the Adec Dental chairs. Any limit stated by the manufacturer must be followed to ensure the health and safety of patients and staff whilst equipment is being used, and to ensure that the various insurance policies and warranties are not invalidated.

Policy Details

Maximum Weight Capacity:

Our dental chairs are designed to accommodate patients with a maximum weight capacity of 21 stone/135KG. This weight limit includes the combined weight of the patient and any necessary accessories or dental equipment.


Prior to a new patient attending the practice we will complete a short medical history form over the phone to obtain information prior to the patient visiting the practice. One of the questions will require the patient to provide their current body weight. By asking these questions prior to the patients visit it will limit the number of occurrences a patient will attend the practice and need to be weighed.

When a patient attends the practice for their dental assessment, the patient will be required to complete a full medical history form. One of the questions will require the patient to declare their current body weight. If the patient confirms their body weight to be 21 stone/135KG or above, our team reserve the right to ask the patients for their weight prior to them being called into the dental suite for their assessment. If the patient confirms on their medical history form their weight is 21 stone/135kg or above, then it may not be possible to perform some procedures which involve moving the dental chair and we may need to abandon the appointment.

Arranging alternative Dental Care options:

In cases where a patient exceeds the maximum weight capacity of our dental chairs, we will provide advice on how the patient can obtain dental care in another dental setting which can offer bariatric dental chairs suitable for the patient’s body weight. A referral to Community Dental Care (where bariatric chairs are available) will be made if this is appropriate.

Regular Equipment Maintenance:

We will conduct regular maintenance and safety checks on our dental chairs to ensure they remain in proper working condition and capable of supporting the specified weight limit.

Staff Training:

Our staff will be trained in the proper procedures for assessing patient weight and suitably trained to offer advice and guidance to patients who cannot be treated at Cygnet House Dental Studio.

Patient Communication:

We will communicate this policy to our patients through our website to promote awareness and understanding.

Review and Updates:

This policy will be reviewed annually or as needed to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with industry standards. Any necessary updates will be made promptly.