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Patient Information:-

Important Patient Information for all our patients 

We have now been successfully and safely open since June 2020 and all routine appointments have been going ahead as planned.  Visiting us is safe and we have updated our already stringent cross infection controls to also now reduce as much as is humanly possible,  any risk of Covid 19 in our premises. 

We ask that you read the information on the ‘Appointment Information’ Tab which details what will happen at your appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns about visiting us , please email us or ring the practice on 01790 755312 or on


Please let us know your wishes for any appointments that you were due under Denplan payments and have missed as a result of our temporary closure .

Since re-opening we have tried to contact as many patients as possible to reschedule missed appointments, if we have missed you then please accept our apologies and contact us at your earliest convenience.  

Thankyou very much .



You will be receiving a text message or email from us explaining that we NEED,  from now onALL of  our patients to update their medical history ELECTRONICALLY 48 hrs prior to any future appointment , THIS WILL INCLUDE A NEW COVID 19 RISK ASSESSMENT TOOL. This is compulsory for ALL  of our patients please and will be emailed to you within 3 days of your appointment. If you have any difficulties with this form, please email the practice on

The email address to send

Your name / address / email address & tel number ( pref a mobile ) is

We totally appreciate that not all of our patients are computer or internet familiar and we would  ask that anyone with problems doing so ask a family member or a friend to help them. If this is not possible please ring us on 01790 753536 and we will be happy to help. 

You will receive an email from ‘Survey Creators’ within 3 days of your appointment. Please fill in both the COVID assessment & medical history update form as without these, we can not proceed with your appointment*** 

A more detailed document about our Covid Re-opening Policy and Standard Operating Procedure is available on our website , please click on the Appointment Information button on the homepage. THIS IS BEING UPDATED CONTINUALLY AS GUIDANCE  / REGULATIONS CHANGE.

Preparing to come for an appointment:-

If you have not received the email with the attached forms prior to your appointment then:

  • Please go onto the website a MINIMUM of 48 Hours prior to your appointment and complete the updated online Medical History and Covid 19 assessment tool, this will then send us the completed forms to place on your notes.
  • If you have any Covid 19 symptoms starting after you have completed the online tools please inform us immediately and we will decide on what is the best course of action for you as regards dental care and your dental appointment.
  • On the day of your appointment please follow the following checklist :-
  • TRANSPORT :- Arrange in advance how you are getting to us for your appointment.
  • GUESTS :- We are trying to keep the number of people in the practice to a minimum, we therefore politely ask that if you can then please attend alone for your appointment.
  • THIS IS UNLESS:-  You need someone with you to provide valid consent / understanding for the treatment. (ie parents of the child with an appointment , learning difficulties , hearing difficulties etc etc )
  • You need help with mobility into the practice.
  • VERY IMPORTANT :- Please come straight to your appointment , DO NOT go anywhere else prior to your appointment such as shopping etc and please bring a FACE MASK to your appointment.
  • DO YOU NEED IT? :- Please DO NOT BRING ANYTHING UNNECESSARY into the building with you. 
  • MOBILE PHONES :- If you bring a mobile phone in with you , please put it in a pocket that can be zipped or secured as we will not allow it to be placed on any surface in the practice or touched by yourself during the appointment , or it can go in the lidded box. 
  • ARRIVING :- On arrival at the practice we will be expecting you. If someone is not present to welcome you please approach the small window to the left  of the main entrance door or ring us on 01790 753536. 
  • HANDWASH STATION :- Please use the provided antibacterial hand wash station outside the building to thoroughly sanitise your hands PRIOR to entering the building.
  • PPE COSTS:- Sadly because of COVID we have to increase our already incredibly high and very safe levels of cross infection control to even higher levels with extra measures to protect all against this new novel virus. This , at this time , is very very expensive , and our previous  fees will not cover the costs of it and still leave us with a viable business.  Our options were to put prices in general up to cover the additional costs , or I felt more transparently, to charge a separate PPE fee for the items used and extra surgery time taken, to comply with the current guidelines . Where  multiple appointments may be required to complete your treatment this will inevitably increase costs for you for which I apologise in advance .  We will of course try our utmost to minimise any extra appointments etc as we are acutely aware of trying to reduce costs to our patients at this time.  Mitchell will be absorbing the cost of the PPE for any High Level Procedures carried out with him.


There are 2 distinct category’s  of treatment now as defined by current regulations :-

  1. Low level procedures – where a dental aerosol is not produced, such as examinations, scaling done using hand instruments , a simple xray etc and for this we need PPE broadly similar to previous levels albeit the type of paper mask is a more protective variant than the standard masks we used to use HOWEVER the cost of them compared to COVID 19 has gone up by 800% !
  2. High level or ( AGP  – aerosol generating procedures) where we will be generating “spray from your mouth” These procedures are anything that involves a mixture of air and water , such as scaling done with the normal ultrasonic equipment. using our drills , using air and water combination in any form. The room then on completion has to be immediately vacated by my team and left empty for ten minutes following the procedure to allow any  potential virus containing aerosol to settle , then the room has to be deep cleaned everywhere after the procedure. 


Denplan Patients :-     – FREE OF CHARGE as a thankyou for their loyalty during these difficult times.

Non Denplan Patients :-  £10

HIGH LEVEL PROCEDURES (now only applicable to treatment with the Hygienist)

Denplan Patients :- £25

Non denplan patients :-£30

We have to  work  to the PPE recommendations applicable at the time and we will constantly be reviewing the costs of the PPE and the levels we need to use, as the Covid threat level reduces we hopefully will be able to use less PPE , hence less cost to you as we need to use less , and the supply costs of the PPE reduces.

After your appointment is finished :-

  • LEAVING THE PRACTICE :- We will direct you on an exit route from the building , this may not be via the normal route, as we may at times , have to implement a ONE WAY system out of the surgery , allowing you to leave in a manner which maintains social distancing.  
  • AFTER YOU APPOINTMENT, you can make all appointments as normal at reception. We ask that payment is made contact free where possible.

If you’ve got a complaint … please tell us , and we’ll do our best to sort it out .. if we don’t sort it out , tell your family and friends we didn’t .. if we get it right though , please tell them we did !

Google Reviews:-  If we get it right we would ask you to add to our Google Reviews as well please .,3,,,

Most importantly , we will do our utmost to provide you with the high levels of dental care you’ve always had from us , we’ll be as personal as we can , and hope to still enjoy a joke and bit of a giggle with you as always . If anything above causes you any concerns , or you have any suggestions as to how we can make things better ( this is a learning curve for us as well ) then please feel free to email us , or ring us.




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Team Cygnet ! xx