Denplan Essentials


Denplan Essentials

Denplan Essentials is an easy budgeting plan that covers you for the foundations of your dental care, helping to stop problems before they start!

This is our most popular dental plan as it ensures a high level of regular dental care at an affordable price and can be paid for annually or monthly  - whatever suits.

The plan includes for just £15.16 per month:- 

1) Two check ups per year with our lead dentist.

2) Two oral hygiene visits per year with a dental hygienist.

(We also offer a plan which includes four appointments per year with our dental hygienist for £21.84 per month) 

3) Up to two small digital dental x-rays per year.

4) Guaranteed same day emergency care should you need a dentist fast.

5) Denplan supplementary insurance for all your emergency needs, which you can upgrade  to implant cover.

6) 10% off selected dental treatment items.

6) Save even more money by having more than one person on a lead payment for the plan and get them all reduced.