Dentures .. a work of art

Do you think your dentures are ill fitting, loose, unsupportive and ugly?

Technology in dentures has been the same for many years..

However there have now been some major advances in how we provide dentures and Mitchell is the only dental clinician in Lincolnshire (as he is also a qualified dental technician) providing the very latest in denture care using the Ivoclar "BPS” system which gives beautiful, natural looking dentures... no-one will know you are wearing dentures!

If you want the ultimate in "biometric”  dentures we can cater for that. We are the only practice in the area to offer the very latest in denture impression taking, we use the latest Ivoclar materials and produce dentures using the Biofunctional Prosthetic System , ~ BPS  " .

The materials and time spent on the dentures production ensure that the fit of the denture is as good as it can be, and for anyone who is still unable to wear their dentures we are able to provide implant retained dentures which give a truly locked in fit ... so the days of eating apples and steaks with dentures can return.

 These dentures give superb facial support and help restore the facial contour that can be lost over the years of conventional denture wear, leading to a much improved and more youthful facial appearance.

We also offer a range of  dentures for those on more of a budget. We use traditional materials, but we still only use the highest quality local dental laboratories and a fantastic range of natural looking denture teeth from companies such as Vita and Schottlander, who excel in the production of teeth for dentures. 

None of our dentures are made using materials or teeth that are supplied on the NHS.