General Dentistry

We guarantee pain free and long lasting treatment. Our fillings are Guaranteed for 12 months. 

All fillings are NOT the same, and using the latest equipment we do our utmost to provide you with the highest quality care and materials available.

The anaesthetic used by our team is very expensive and we often get told "I've not been as numb as this before".

Our dental team use only the very best of dental materials from companies like 3M espe and Ivoclar vivadent who make the superior dental materials. We do not use any budget materials.

Mitchell prides himself on fillings that look, feel and function like actual teeth as he uses his extensive training background as a dental technician to create fillings that have the correct shape and blend as much as possible into the natural teeth – you simply won't be able to see the filling.

We routinely take before and after pictures on our high definition "tooth-cam” so you can see exactly what has been done, this is really useful when a problem is found as you can see on the screen exactly what the problem is and get a good understanding of how it can be rectified.

Our fillings start from £20 (single NHS filling is £47 – so we will save you money) and we do all we can do to minimise your ongoing dental costs as we are a highly preventative practice, we know that prevention is cheaper than the cure!

Any treatments that are discussed with you are written down and all patients receive a personal dental plan, this has all treatments discussed written down and their costs itemised so you can go home and consider your treatment options. We will not do any work until you are totally happy with the costs and the options we have agreed on.