Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment is most popularly used to improve the look and alignment of teeth. An individuals teeth can be crooked, over crowded or can protrude and orthodontic treatment can fix these problems as well as correcting an individuals 'bite'.

As the dentistry world progresses new orthodontic treatments are now becoming available.

We offer a full range of orthodontic treatments at Cygnet House Dental Studio. Ranging from the traditional "fixed” braces to the more modern invisible braces.

Mitchell trained as a clinical assistant in Fixed Orthodontics as a postgraduate training pathway with Mr Coupland, a very well respected local orthodontic consultant.

He  has been performing full orthodontic care for all ages of patient for over 8 years!

Here at Cygnet House we offer a range of orthodontic treatments:

  • Removable Braces - these can only carry out very limited tooth movements. These may be used to fix very minor problems.

  • Fixed Braces - these are the most common type of orthodontic appliance and are normally used when a number of teeth need to be corrected. This type of brace is non-removable and made up of brackets glued to each tooth and connected by wire.

  • Clear Braces - these are clear, retainer type braces and are virtually invisible. Here at Cygnet House our clear braces are provided by a company called Smilelign. Smilelign is a clear orthodontic aligner system that uses the latest dental technology in the UK.        http://youtu.be/6vDv7NYezsQ

If you are wanting to find out about straighter teeth, then please feel free to call us for an assessment appointment. 

We see many people who are embarrassed of their smile and will not go to a dentist – DON'T BE , we are here to help.