Tooth Whitening

Not confident with the colour of your smile?

Our teeth become naturally yellower as we become more "mature" and life can take its toll with things such as smoking and drinking coffee causing the colour of our teeth to change.

Many beauticians offer tooth whitening at bargain prices. A new law has recently been introduced and it is now ILLEGAL for any non dentally qualified person to undertake tooth whitening.  The reasoning behind this is that the cheap gels they use do not contain registered chemicals, these are not safe for your teeth and gums, and if it goes wrong who do you turn to?

After an initial consultation, Mitchell can advise you on your suitability for Professional Tooth Whitening. This has guaranteed results for a safe and simple smile makeover for minimal cost and maximum improvement!

If your teeth are simply stained then a visit to see Lisa, our hygienist for a Sprayclean can really lift the stain out of your teeth, a Sprayclean shall also lift stains that a normal scale and polish simply will not.

Please contact our reception team if you would like to see what smile we can design for you.