Check up's

Check up’s – the most important thing you can do! This is to make sure your mouth, gums, tongue and cheeks are as healthy as possible.

Do you, at every check up receive:-

  1. The same dentist or dental hygienist?
  2. A decent amount of time to discuss any problems you may have?
  3. A full dental examination where the dentist uses magnifying lenses & bright illumination to thoroughly check the health of all your teeth?
  4. A fully recorded soft tissue check to ensure that there are no skin conditions occurring in your mouth, from ulcers to oral cancer?
  5. A full gum health screening with recorded scores so that your dentist can compare your scores over a period of time?
  6. A personalised "risk” pattern so that any future appointments are tailored to your individual needs?
  7. Where required, due to your "risk” pattern, low radiation dose,  high definition, immediately developed  dental x-rays  that you can see on the screen?  No more waiting for them to develop or waiting for "that” call to say a problem has been found!
  8. Any necessary oral hygiene advice or referrals to specialists free of charge?

These are standard aspects of all dental check ups done with us. Also if you are experiencing such things as jaw joint problems or any other issues these will be checked free of charge during your examination.