No-drill fillings

 The  "Daily Mail"  referred to this revolutionary equipment as the best thing to happen to dentistry!

The "no drill technique" we use routinely, this uses a very fine abrasive to clean the tooth and remove some decay without causing any sensitivity,  so some fillings can be done totally without the dreaded drill and without having to have a numbing injection. We appreciate life can be very busy and you probably do not want to feel "dribbly” at work!

We use this equipment on all of our white fillings which increases the "glue" to the tooth by about 400% , helping to ensure your fillings are long lasting and rebuild the tooth's strength. It also helps to render the white filling totally invisible.

In conjunction with the no-drill technique we use the revolutionary OZONE treatment which cleans the area in which the decay has been in. It cleans out all of the bacteria and again helps to ensure the filling is long lasting and less prone to new decay.