Why are we different?

We aim to provide excellence in everything we do.  We do not use budget equipment or materials or anesthetic – when we say pain free  – we mean it !

We try to ensure everything we do is long lasting , as we fully appreciate dental care is expensive  we try to give  value for money and we want it to last.

Our equipment is state of the art with mini  " intra – oral " cameras to show you your teeth and their problems on a high definition  screen,  so you can have a better understanding of the problems you may have and can better understand the treatment options we will outline.

Our xrays are high definition digital x-rays so we can immediately diagnose problems and you only receive 10% of the xray exposure of a normal dental film.

Nervous... don’t be! If you think you are on your own please read our patient testimonials to show how we help those who are anxious about coming to see us! We are human after all!